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Matabeleland South Ideas Development Centre
Matabeleland South Ideas Development Centre
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Where Ideas come alive
Matabeleland South Ideas development Centre
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logo-transparent MSIDC was founded on the 5th of February 2012 from an organisation called Matsouth Resources. Like it's predecessor MSIDC exists to fight poverty in communities in Zimbabwe.

Matsouth Ideas Development Centre is a nonprofit making organisation operational in Zimbabwe where provintial disparity in terms on development are more glaringly felt.

MSIDC therefore seeks to offer practical and relevant solutions that will enable people to utilize their God given skills and abilities to the maximum in order to eradicate poverty in their respective societies. Inspired and driven by our social values, ethics and our passion for community development we strive to assist the Matabeleland communities (initially) to maximize their potential and lead a better life.

Our main focus is to assist all Zimbawean citizens whose mindsets and economic circumstances have kept them in poverty and suffering for so long. Our main goal is to equip them with skills that are relevant to reshape their mindsets so that they live a life worth celebrating.

Our major areas of focus include the following:

                * Student assistance programme

                * Talent identification and

                * Social transformation

                * Leadership development i

                * Human development

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