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Client Charter

The School Undertakes To:

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* Meet with parents once per term for consultation on pupils’ performance and school experiences

* Hold a speech and prize Giving Day once per year to report to community on school experiences and reward achievements.

* Hold a Parents/SDC AGM once per year to elect new SDC, give annual financial School developmental report as well as discuss and agree on other developmental concerns.

* Communicate regularly to stakeholders on the school’s total experiences and performances.

* Ensure all learners are taught every dayin line with the syllabus, timetable and subject policy.

* Ensure all students’ educational and related rights are provided and protected by all concerned at all times.

“A relevant quality education for an empowered being”

Mkwidzi secondary school

Client Charter


The School Management And Administration Undertakes To:

* Provide relevant stationery for scheming and planning at the end of each term to enhance efficiency and effective use of time in the succeeding term.

* Supervise all members and departments three times a term to promote professionalism in the execution of duties and ensure improved performance and results.

* Organize, supervise and monitor monthly tests and awards to promote a competitive atmosphere and culture of goal setting to achieve quality performance and improved pass rates.

* Organize staff development programmes for all departments to ensure members are constantly equipped with relevant skills to execute all their duties effectively.

* Encourage all members to engage on further studies and man power development programmes to ensure the existence of an effective well-informed professional human resources personnel.

* Promote collegiality and team spirit among teachers and pupils to enhance quality performance and the spirit of Ubuntu.

“A relevant quality education for an empowered being”



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