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Msidc is a christian empowerment Non-profit of choice dedicated to championing the cause of human development through assisting communities to overthrow poverty and economic injustice.

soccer 434343 640Msidc is all about creating a positive change in Zimbabwe to see the lives of children, youth and families touched with the message of True Hope. Through various initiatives, products and partners we have launched programs that continuously aim at influencing people to become role players in re-writting the story of the Southern Region of Africa.

Msidc believes in true partnerships where we partner,empower and support everyone on this journey in an attempt to see a generation transformed in Zimbabwe. To see our mission fulfilled, we will partner with churches, Non-Profit Organisation Zimbabwean Government Departments, diverse companies and International Organisations.

Our projects are rewarding and life changing. Once you become involved you are afforded the opportunity to discover the gratification of helping children, youths and adults in need.

Our Vision

“To inspire and equip African people to reach their divine potential”

Our Mission

To promote the cause of Christ through placing much needed tools in the hands of the needy people while creating a healty and vigorous envirornment for people of all ages to shape their own future and the destiny of the nations.


Msidc is officially known as MatSouth Ideas Development Centre..The chairperson of the organisation is Mr Hlanganani Dube. The Board members are Sibonokuhle Dube, Nomvelo Ndlovu ,Justice Chofamba ,Mrs Winnie Banda-Ndebele ,Famous Maphosa and Moketsi Nyathi.

The Board sits from time to time to ensure good corporate governance. Key leaders of the organisation are carefully chosen from dedicated community leaders who have demonstrated a deep-sited desire to participate in transforming lives in society.ARI upholds strong Christian values, as it is its commitment to represent christian values while helping and serving all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

Our Values

These values guide and dictate the operations across all facets of Msidc:

1.Service beyond self

Msidc was founded to save others.While responsibily maintaining itself, Msidc intergrates self-development and individual concerns with public concerns, focusing on higher,broader, and more public levels of service. Msidc conduct its activities for the sake of others , whether the public at large or a particular segment of the public.

11.Respect for human rights

Msidc will not violate any person’s fundamental rights, with which each person is endowed, as recognized for example in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Msidc recognizes that all people are born free and equal in dignity and rights (Article 1), and should be sensitive to the moral values, religion, custorms, traditions and cultures of the communities they serve. Recognizing that the family is a fundamental natural group unit of society promoting human rights and human dignity (Article 16).

111.Maintain a vision

Msidc practioners are visionaries, not only seeing the reality of the world as it is, but also envisioning the world as it should be.Msidc will maintain its founding spirit and passion, keeping tangible dreams while learning from victories and failures.


Msidc has been entrusted with a responsibility to the public and takes ownership of the task at hand, taking the initiative and proactively pulling together resources of all types in order to find and implement feasible solutions.

V.Cooperation beyond borders

Msidc has a shared responsibility to address the serious challenges confronting humanity. Significantly progress toward world peace and global well-being can be foastered through inter-religious, inter-cultural, inter racial work, and across artificial barriers of politics,race and ethnicity that tend to separate people and their institutions.Msidc is willing to work beyond its current borders, within the limits of its organizing documents and with organisations and individuals that share common values and objectives.

VI.Public mindedness

Msidc operates with a spirit of public mindedness. Public money is never used for selfish purposes and all public assets are treated with utmost seriousness, as a sacred public trust. VII.Accountability

Msidc is accountable for its actions and decisions, primarily to the communities, and also to funding agencies,organisational consultants/mentors,the government, staff and volunteers, members, partner organisations and the public at large.


Msidc strives to be truthful in dealings with its donors, project beneficiaries, staff, members, partner organisations, government, and the general public.

IX. Voluntarism

Rather than require to exist by law, Msidc was formed by private initiative, resulting from the voluntary actions of individuals who have chosen to pursue a shared interest of concern. The retaining of voluntary values and principles shall remain a primary force in the way of working of Msidc.


Msidc has three focuses in its mission to transform communities:

a)Social Transformation

This is accomplished through launching a series of poverty alleviation projects for students at grassroots level.These are projects that are aimed at improving the harsh conditions in rural schools and providing the educational materials needed for students to have a better learning experience..

This arm prepares students for competitive opportunities both at college and university levels while preparing to also play a role in a world that has primary become information technology driven.

b) Enterprise development

This is accomplished through empowering women with the neccesary tools needed for them to be able to start profit making projects that help create employment and self-sustainned livelihoods.

Msidc has formed strategic partnerships with training organisations that are willing to transfer small business management skills and basics to women in the rural areas, this initiative comes with a small business loan for those who complete training programs.

c) Talent identification and nurturing

This unit focuses on identifying, nurturing and exposing talent in people from marginalized communities. These communities has some of the most gifted people who die with world changing skills that are never developed to their full potential.

Msidc responds with effective measures and methods that are aimed at placing the talent where it can be recognized and unleashed for full potential.

Projects Undertaken

Maphane Primary School

Msidc supported 45 learners from poor families. Some learners are orphaned due to deaths caused by HIV/AIDS.

Wabayi Primary School

Msidc supported 52 learners from por families. Some learners are orphaned due to deaths

caused by HIV/AIDS.


Msidc was founded in February 2013 by a team of very enthusiastic individuals from various walks of life as they saw a need to take action and participate in making a positive change. The team was lead by its current Executive Director who has over the years demonstrated daring passion for community leadership through various platforms including religious and social participation .

Statement from the Executive Director

As l come across to the fore to my word as Executive Director, l can’t assist but replicate on the reality that, Southern Africa’s vulnerable communities require serious intervention programs as much, if not more, now as they did during colonial days. We must persist to perk up the ways we do this in a very spirited market, and we must continue to gross and retain the expectations of donors that the money they give us does go to the rationale for which it was projected and does really make a difference.

Along with supporters and partners, Msidc gazes ahead to meeting all these challenges. We must ensure that we maintain our partnerships and forge new ones within our capacity to service them. We are capable to do additional and superior , thanks to the sustained support, solidarity, team spirit, harmony and feedback of our supporters, donors and partners.

I am proud of our staff, team and volunteers who have installed so much to make the difference we have been able to archive in our first year of existence. Our appreciation goes to every one who is the part of our mission.

The partway to end poverty is an extensive one, but when walked together , success is a surer one. We believe there is a termination of poverty through managing dispersed youth, empowering women, protecting them from abuses and exploitation and providing them safe and protective as well as productive environment. Although working along with and sustaining marginalized communities to act must accomplish it; allege their civil rights and confront the injustices they meet often.

We and our partners, supporters and those who are working with us for the welfare of marginalized creation of God; we all know about our mission and objectives; we are so grateful to whom who are working with us in this gigantic task. To our volunteers, donors and supporters we send a heartfelt note of gratitude.


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